25 January 2010

Christmas Quilt #2

Does anyone remember that old Saturday Night Live skit set during the '96 election where Steve Forbes writes a book similar to Primary Colors and names one of the characters 'Lamar Alexander 2'? Any time anything is the second of something I can't help but think of that skit and laugh.

This quilt was a gift for my stepmom. This was a project that Nikki started a long time ago and never finished. She hand pieced all the blocks on it and then it sat. Trying to unload some UFO's from her work room she sold the pieces to me and I finished putting it together and quilted it.


This quilt is not my normal styling, but I figure with Christmas you can throw normal style sensibilities aside and do just about anything you want :)



To quilt it I ended up doing a sort of wonky free form grid. My good sewing machine is still patiently waiting for it's new motherboard so that limited my quilting abilities, however, I'm still happy with how it turned out.


The backing is coordinating kelly green and white polka dot (or snowball, perhaps) with a few scraps of fabric from the top.


My stepmom professed her love with it so all in all I think it was a success.

P.S. I'm also aware that now I've reference SNL twice when referring to my sewing. Who knew they'd have so much in common?!

Vegetables with Mustaches

I think a handlebar mustache makes just about everything better. Case in point, this felt broccoli ornament I made as a Christmas present for my friend Nikki.


I love those old 50's and 60's ornaments with all the sequins and beads. This guy is made from wool felt and is stuffed with some wool batting. He's bigger than you might think, about five inches tall. Nikki seemed sufficiently pleased with him, either that or she's a very good friend and waited until I left to ask "WTF is this?!"


24 January 2010

The Meryl Sisters

It's still January so that totally seems to fall in the acceptable range of discussing all that Christmas crafting I did (nevermind the fact that I had uploaded all the images ahead of time with the intention of writing blog posts as I was visiting family over the holidays).

First and foremost, I fixed that doll I thought looked a little off. The mom who purchased them for her daughters liked one more than the other and I couldn't blame her. I took a few tools on the road with me and showed up at her door to fix the doll.

Remember that she started out looking like this:
(she's the one on the right)

And to be honest she reminded me forceably of Kristin Wiig's SNL character, one of the Meryl Sisters.


Not exactly cute for a little girls first, best doll.

So I added a little hair to her front, restyled it into a pony tail, added some recycled silk yarn as a headband and a bow.


Much better.

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