27 April 2009

a perfect summer blouse

At the beginning of last summer I picked up Simplicity 4177 intending to make myself shirts for summer. With a newborn and a spirited toddler I never got around to it (imagine that). However, this year, with all the ease (HA!) of having a 1 year old and a 3 year old I found time.


This pattern was so easy. I used a lightweight gauze and I think it'll be perfect for hot weather. I thought it would be see through, but I'm pleasantly surprised with the sheerness. Not a peep show, but just enough to be a little sexy (well as sexy as you can be in a peasant style blouse). Once it was mostly assembled I discovered that it was a tad too short for my taste so I searched through my stash in hopes of finding something to add as a trim. I finally settled on a lightweight woven that my sister brought back from Tanzania. Inspired, I made my own bias tape for the neckline and used it for the ties as well.


I imagine that by the end of the summer people will be tired of seeing me in this shirt because I pretty much intend to live in it.

the birth quilt


Before my second was born my friends were nice enough to plan a blessingway for me. Unfortunately, Oz had his own plans and came three weeks early so by the time my blessingway rolled around he was already a week old. We held it anyways and just shifted it's purpose a little bit.

At other blessingways I've attended we'd always made birth necklaces for the pregnant momma. While reading Birthing From Within there was a section on blessingways and it mentioned a quilt. I thought this fit me perfectly so I requested that each of my friends make a quilt square. While some of them complained a little, in the end they all made something great. The only problem was that since Oz was already born I was in no hurry to sew it up (having a newborn and all). I told myself I'd finish it up before he was one and I just squeaked in under the wire (he turns one tomorrow and I finished it yesterday).



Let me say this though, I am not a quilter. I've made a few in the past and they're not what you would call spectacular. I was nervous about this one, but fortunately I have a fabulous quilter friend who helped me along. The added bonus is that I'm borrowing her back up machine, which just happens to be a Bernina Activa 145s, and it's a million times nicer than my normal machine. This made quilting it much, much, much easier.

Overall I'm happy with the way it turned out. It's not perfect, but it is certainly filled with positive spirit and will surely be a family keepsake.

14 April 2009

i hate when this happens

I hate when a fabric line comes out and I procrastinate on buying it. From the moment I saw Lush by Erin Michael I was in love. When it hit stores I was out of fabric buying money so I waited. And now I want it for a project and most of it is sold out everywhere.

(fabric originally pictured at True Up last december)

So, anyone know where I can find some? I'm looking for a yard or two of either deer print (though I'd prefer moss and really, would take any scraps I could get) and several of the coordinating prints in honey and moss. I like the sky best, but since it's my mom's living room I guess I'll give her the final call.

13 April 2009


This saucy fellow was a custom for someone local. She asked for traditional dress, which I was happy to try out. I think it came out okay, but really doll clothes are the bane of my existence. I love making dolls, but giving them something to wear is another story. I think part of my problem is that I don't have good patterns drafted for all the styles of clothing I want to make. The other problem is just that it's all so small. I hate to admit, but I'm just not that precise of a sewer and those little 1/8 seams and hems do me in. Anyone have a good doll clothes tutorial or tips page?

At any rate, his outfit came out okay, with only one minor error so overall I'll call him a success.

12 April 2009

easter eggs

We didn't celebrate Easter last year, but this year my husband decided he wanted to so I left him in charge of it. It turns out what he really wanted was Easter candy (which I'm pretty sure you can buy without having to celebrate the holiday) and he had no real desire to do any of the traditional things. After limping along in his planning for a week I took over the things that I enjoyed about the holiday, which included dying eggs.


Earlier last week I had caught a glimpse of Martha Stewart's 36 Easter Eggs and decided to try a few techniques out. Just like everything Martha does, they ended up being harder than they looked.

First we tried out the lace eggs. Martha's turned out crisp and beautiful. My first two attempts were barely visible, but my third attempt turned out much better.


Not as crisp as hers, but still nice. We also tried the botanical eggs, but instead of leaves, I made some cutouts of Mater and Lightning McQueen as those were much better suited to the egg audience in this house.


Our last try was the marbleized swirls, but they turned out nothing like hers so I overdyed them with teal since that seemed to cover all manner of sin. All in all, we ended up with a lovely bunch of eggs that looked darling on the dinner table.




The problem with being busy is that something always gets pushed to the bottom of the list. In my case, it's crafting. Creating is my favorite thing to do, but all of the other things in my life seem to get in the way. I run this along odd line of being completely unmotivated and distracted and being incredibly determined to make and do things. I end up waivering back and forth between extreme productivity and hours wasted playing solitaire at two in the morning.

I've been thinking recently about how to better manage my time can complete all I want to do. With crafting, my solution was to blog what I'm doing. My hope is, that if someone is reading about what I'm making and following what I'm doing, I'll feel some sort of accountability to finish projects and branch out a bit more. So, here's hoping.

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